There is a serious lack of good quality bread in Leeds. For a city with a population of almost 800,000 people, there is only one bakery making ‘real bread’[1]  and only a handful of ‘artisan’ bakeries. At the same time there is an increased interest in good food in Leeds.

To help us figure out where the best place for the bakery will be, we asked people filling in our survey to put in their postcode. Most people who replied live north of the river around Headingly and Chapel Allerton.

At the moment we think that situating the bakery somewhere in the Mabgate area or along Meanwood Road would make it accessible to a larger proportion of people interested in supporting us.

Ideally we are looking for a light industrial unit (as this will have larger entry doors and three-phase electricity).

If you have any ideas or contacts with possible sites PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!


[1]     According to the Real Bread Campaign,“Real Bread is that made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives”.

See http://www.sustainweb.org/realbread/what_is_real_bread/


13 thoughts on “Location

  1. Peter Shilson says:

    If you’re thinking about locating in the Mabgate / Meanwood Road area have you spoken to Simon Bolderson of Ridgeside Brewery on the Penraevon 2 estate? Could be the start of a real food / drink cluster!
    Where would your outlets be as that site isn’t over handy for retail. Natural Food Store in North Lane Headingley might be one outlet although they have current commitments for bread. [disclaimer – I’m a shareholder]

  2. Matt Harrison says:

    Headingley heart could be an outlet. You should tap up all the local sandwich shops (as users and distributors). Great idea – all the best with it.

  3. Ben Parish says:

    This retail unit might be of interest, not quite what you spec above but the foot fall is high as it is in the centre of Chapel Allerton if you plan to sell from the premises as well as make bread. I notice the website says it is now under offer so you may have to move fast if it is of interest. http://www.markbrearley.co.uk/pdf/819.pdf

  4. Cheers for all your thoughts.
    Ben – that link seems to have died sadly
    Matt – good idea, we have now explored this a little…not too much luck but will continue
    Peter – yes! good idea. we’ve tried calling a few times but will continue to do so…
    We’re still keen on lught industrial unit in Mabgate/Meanwood Road area….so eyes/ears peeled (no pun intended re: peel aka bread peels!)

  5. Hannah Greenslade says:

    Hiya this sounds great – pedallers arms is on mabgate green and we rent pretty cheap from squirrel storage – I know they have lots of units, might be worth a shot. H

  6. Alexis K says:

    Get on to the guys down at the Dock Street Market as they have an inhouse bakery. Also the Feed Leeds guys would probably love to hear from you as well.

  7. Zoe says:

    Will it be possible to buy products direct from wherever your unit ends up as live in Pudsey and I doubt whether you would want to deliver that far?

    • leedsbreadcoop says:

      Yes! definitely! we will be selling some bread from the bakery itself, and you can always put in an order or reserve a loaf so it’ll be waiting for you.
      cheers for your message

  8. Helen Deering says:

    hi guys, i’d like to pledge £20.00 but as i live alone, i’d struggle to manage a loaf per week – and be the size of an even bigger house by the end of three months. would i be able to reschedule it to a loaf a fortnight for 6 months?
    thx and good luck – fab idea

    • leedsbreadcoop says:

      sorry we took so long to reply. you can still pledge (2hrs left!) but probably best if you just buy a bread subscription once we have started up. this will be easier to sort out with you moving house etc.

  9. There is an artisan baker in Headingley and Crust and Crumb in Chapel Allerton, which bakes eg sourdough on the premises. Love Organic’s premises in Chapel A Regent St has been on the market for a while; it has a cafe licence but is fundamentally a shop and there’s little room for an oven.
    I’m not sure Leeds city centre counts yet as a ‘community’; have you thought about Oakwood; its farmer’s market does very well, and it has no decent bread retailer. Agree Meanwood would be good. I’d be interested to know if a business model would work better with onsite cafe; profit margins higher in drinks, but depends of course on rent.
    There’s a great Leeds organisation called Elsie, supporting new socents – do contact them and you can present with yr ideas to a group who can provide ideas.

    • Helen Deering says:

      FYI – Love Organic has closed down. it was on market as a going concern but no-one took it on. might be worth looking into.

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