We are offering the public the chance to invest directly in us through Bread Bonds (loanstock).

We can offer interest rates between 0% and 4% per annum (or the equivalent in bread!)

You can choose whether you want your loan to be paid back in 3 or 5 years from the start date.

What is loanstock?

Loanstock is a loan in the form of a fixed term, fixed interest bond. Loanstock is nontransferable (i.e., it cannot be transferred from one person to another), and constitutes a legal contract between Leeds Community Bakery Limited and the owner of the Loanstock. Loanstock ownership does not give you any control over the co-operative or voting rights (loanstock is not a share). Interest on Loanstock is paid annually (in cash or bread), and the capital is repaid in full at the end of the term. Early repayment is possible at the discretion of the co-operative. For terms and conditions please read the loanstock document (links below).

*Loanstock or “Bread bond” document (pdf here)*

Contact us for more information:

Leeds Community Bakery Limited is incorporated under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 to 1978
Registry Number: 31832 R.
Registered office: 13 Wharfdale Grove, Leeds LS7 2LQ


2 thoughts on “Loanstock

  1. Richard W Mellard says:

    I would buy shares in your enterprize(only £250 but as a comradely gesture).. Have shares in Portland Works Sheffield. They needed £164k but wound up with £200K+. Contact them, am sure they would advise

  2. Richard W Mellard says:

    Have you been in touch with the Ethical Investment Co-operative?

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