Study visit: Two new bakeries in Sheffield

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January 30, 2013 by leedsbreadcoop

On a sunny Jan 9th, we headed to Sheffield to visit two bakeries which have recently sprung up there. The trip was paid for by Plunkett Foundation’s Enterprise Support.

The two bakeries are Seven Hills Bakery and Forge Bakehouse. We were able to spend a few hours in each bakery, asking dozens of questions, getting loads of extremely useful advice and, of course…tasting the great bread!

Both bakeries are fairly small and young businesses. Seven Hills bakes from a unit and sells the bread from a lovely little shop on Sharrow Vale Road which they plan to convert into a cafe’ in the near future. Forge make and sell from their Abbeydale Rd shop. Having only just opened in early November, we were able to get really useful insights into the potential hurdles we face getting our co-op off the ground…and thereby hopefully avoiding some of the (minor) difficulties or headaches they’ve faced.

A big THANK YOU to the amazing bakers at Forge and Seven Hills. Long may your bread rise, be crusty, and satisfy the tums of all those who chew it!

Forge Bakehouse photos:

Forge Bakehouse

Forge bread

At Forge

Seven Hills Bakery photos:

Seven Hills bag

Seven Hills chat

Great wholemeal at Seven Hills


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