We have a name!


October 22, 2012 by leedscommunitybakery

After much head scratching and pun deciphering….
we decided to go for Rob Greenland’s suggestion: “Leeds Bread”

We modified this very slightly by adding….”Coop” on the end.
So there you have it:  “Leeds Bread Coop”   but with a compromise for the pun-lovers among us:
we will have a changing pun-based strapline.
First off: No Bun Intended!

Here are a few of the pun bakery names submitted:

  • Dough-Raise-Me
  • I Knead Your Lovin
  • Yeast 17
  • Pi (3.14etc)
  • Currant Affairs
  • House of the Rising Bun
  • Bake That
  • Friends in Knead
  • Feeding the 5000
  • Uprising

4 thoughts on “We have a name!

  1. I like “Yeast 17” the best. Now I’m going to spend my morning thinking of bread-related puns…

  2. Richard Mellard says:

    As written you have “coop” as in hen coop.
    Ain’t you going to run up against The Co-operative if you put the grammatically correct hyphen in place?

    • ha. yes! Cheers Richard. We have actually used a hyphenated co-op in all our documents (business plan, co-op registration etc) but tend to slip to unhyphenated coop on the internet…
      for more discussion on saving the hyphen see here

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