Bakery Name Challenge!


October 2, 2012 by leedscommunitybakery

First off some news: We’ve registered as a co-op this week – we are official!

Many thanks to Mark Simmonds and Cath Muller from Co-operative Business Consultants. We’ve made a lot of progress on our business plan, finance spreadsheets, legal lingo learning, etc.

One big thing we still need to do, and could use your help for, is coming up with a brilliant bakery name.

We have registered as Leeds Community Bakery but would like to trade under a snappier, catchier name. We’ve jiggled a few phrases round our heads and at meetings but none quite work.

So here’s the challenge:

Submit your favorite bakery names to us.
The winner gets a BAKER’S DOZEN loaves of delicious bread once we get started!


  • Send us up to three favorite bakery names
  • You have until SATURDAY 13th (a bakers dozen!) OCTOBER
  • You have to make sure your names don’t already exist for bakeries (in the UK at least)
  • You have to live in Leeds or be able to pick up the bread if you’re the winner!

Email us your suggestions!


3 thoughts on “Bakery Name Challenge!

  1. Steven Hookham says:

    Possible names:-

    Loaves of Leeds

    High Rise Bakery

    Yeast Leeds Bakery

  2. Vincent Barlow says:

    Path of Yeast Resistance!


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